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Our expertise is the development of mobility solutions from concept and prototype to systems integration.

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Development to Series Function

Development to Series Function

Combining expertise from various fields of development we make a difference to your projects.

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Technical Consulting & Management

Technical Consulting & Management

Project structuring, management and execution in all development phases for manufacturers and suppliers.

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Automated and networked mobility for everyone


Our vision is to shape a world in which individual transport is available on demand for all people in urban and rural areas in all situations of everyday life.

Mobility safes the future of society

Modern society is fast-paced and driven by individualism and urbanisation. Inevitably we have found ourselves in the middle of ever expanding transport concepts for more than a century, especially in urban spaces. These are more and more often characterised by extremely high traffic volumes and congestion. All this leads to a lack of sufficient parking space, traffic jams, critical traffic situations and fatal road accidents.

Demographic change, a rapidly developing service society, reductions in public transport services in rural areas, or maximum flexibility for people with reduced mobility are the driving forces for innovative mobility concepts.

Automated driving significantly contributes to address these challenges and we, the FDTech team, provide the relevant systems expertise. The development of new cross-regional mobility chains and concepts for increased road safety are key elements for a tight-knit transport network linking rural regions to urban centres aiming to provide individual, convenient mobility and integrate all groups of people into a society of mobility.

Todays solutions of tomorrows mobility

FDTech provides the individual building blocks for enhancing current concepts and shaping future mobility. Working together with car manufacturers, suppliers and traffic infrastructure operators, we develop functions for driver assistance systems and automated driving, integrate them into the local and cross-regional infrastructure and so shape the future of mobility.

We develop functions and the corresponding services for automated driving, driver assistance systems and mobility from the first concept through prototyping to series integration into the vehicle and the related infrastructure.
We design functions and systems based on an analysis of the technical and societal requirements as well as the related technical possibilities. The integration of the digital infrastructure and modern safety concepts is a key aspect in our work of developing safe, convenient and efficient mobility starting with sensor selection and integration through data processing using intelligent algorithms to the implementation of mobility functions.

FDTech Services.


FDTech provides engineering service solutions in the field of automated and autonomous driving in an extended automotive environment.

  • Concepts, pre-development and prototyping of future functions
  • Project management and execution of series development projects
  • Technical consulting for development and task force projects
FDTech Services
Startup meets experience

Start-up meets experience.


Started in 2017 by a team of five founders located in Chemnitz

Over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry enable us to join forces with our customers to develop functions for automated driving, driver assistance systems and mobility. Independent of engine types, we cover all the way from creating concepts for tomorrow’s mobility solutions through to series integration.

Startup meets experience

Jobs & Careers.


Are you interested in developing automated driving concepts, driver assistance systems and future mobility? We have the projects you are looking for.

  • Start-up mentality
  • Fast decisions and high flexibility enabled by flat hierarchies
  • Exciting work environment
  • Continual professional development opportunities
  • Good work-life balance

Interested? Then contact us, show us your convincing track record and become part of our team.

Jobs & Careers

Network CADA.


CADA is an association of innovative technology companies in the regional automotive industry

Together with our partners, we develop automated driving in Chemnitz. Through the exchange wir strengthen the potential of the other. Our alliance supports research and development in the field of automated driving. This is how we bundle competencies for the future of the region.


Change is happening now.


The mobility and automotive sectors are changing at an ever increasing pace. We are shaping this change.

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