Start-up meets Experience


Together with our customers we create functions for automated driving, driver assistance systems and mobility from the first concept to series integration for tomorrow’s mobility solutions.


The core team is made up of five experienced managers with a strong technical background - all of them experts in the fields of ADAS, active safety and automated driving. Boasting a two-decade track record of development and series introduction projects, every team member can look back on 15 to 20 years of international experience cooperating with OEMs and suppliers.

With their expert knowledge and skills, our employees are the core asset of all our projects. The project team members work creatively and independently within the framework of the individual project. A modern workplace, effective and efficient procedures, and suitable tooling for implementation play a superior role in supporting this work. Modern work practices characterise the spirit of our company.

Transparency and communication is the basis for our success.

Meanwhile, more than 130 experts work at FDTech to create algorithms and functions for automated driving. In small agile teams, our colleagues develop systems for the mobility of tomorrow at our locations in Chemnitz, Munich and Wolfsburg.

Dr. Uwe Schob
Annika Hartwig
Anna Maronek
Silvio Woltmann
Nicole Haberkorn
Sarah Schubert
Marcel Ott
Michael Hofmann
Klaus Krumbiegel
Robert Karas
Kamran Afzal
Dirk Martin
René Röllig
Bert Auerbach
Sascha Porstmann
Aditya Deshpande
Ivonne Hoffmann
Marcus Wilsdorf
Kevin Kleebusch
Arnt Roscher

Our vision, mission and values represent the guiding principles of our company culture


Our vision, mission and values represent the guiding principles of our company culture and, therefore, characterise our cooperation at FDTech.
We have developed these guiding principles jointly; they form the basis of how we interact within our highly effective Communities, how we take decisions together and how we solve conflicts.

Our Vision: Autonomous mobility for everyone and everywhere.
Our Mission: Working together with our customers in trusted partnerships, we shape the future of networked mobility by creating innovative development building blocks.
Our Motto: Creative development within a strong Community. We commit ourselves to the following values and guiding principles.

We stand united – Every employee is an important part of our Community.

Our team spirit and sense of community enables us to take responsibility for others. In this way, we also share the responsibility for team decisions and their consequences.

We invite open discussions and face up to emerging conflicts supporting each other in solving them. We investigate their reasons and seek active communication. We listen to, support and motivate each other. Showing appreciative and respectful behaviour, we recognise and value our colleagues’ uniqueness by giving them confidence in their ideas and actions.

As a rule, we assume positive intent and different perspectives. Our attitude is characterised by respect and gratefulness; we are geared to the positive.

We think and work in networks and share our knowledge.

We cultivate and practise strong interpersonal skills and dialogue competence. So we can communicate our needs and concerns in a way that enables us to uphold our personal boundaries and build bridges at the same time.

We proactively share our knowledge and thoughts consistently reflecting on their relevance for the Communities.

To the extent possible, we make sure decisions and results are transparent and understandable.

We tackle new challenges proactively and live an intelligent error management culture.

We courageously open up to others, can show our vulnerable side and also reveal weaknesses. This open attitude is one of the cornerstones of trust. The Community appreciates this openness.

Decisions are taken directly within the Communities. We are prepared to take risks and take on responsibility. We can acknowledge mistakes and learn from them. We show courage and speak our minds. We venture into new fields.

At the same time, we are courageous enough to demonstrate restraint and support each other.

We seek and break new grounds.

We are aware of the fact that innovation can only be achieved when we are open to others and the world in general.

We impress and inspire ourselves and our customers with our innovative solutions and services of outstanding quality and generate genuine added value.

We are capable of thinking big and developing visionary ideas. We believe in creating something new. Together, we establish concrete implementation steps for achieving our objectives.

We make and keep promises.

We are authentic and have integrity: We walk the talk.

We work responsibly and act reliably with a sense of duty and the will to perform being key elements in doing so.

We apply high standards to ourselves and our cooperation with others. We put people first and build sustainable trusting relationships. These valuable relationships help release and boost creativity and ingenuity.

We take care of ourselves and each other.

We are mindful of ourselves and others and use our energy consciously and purposefully. Healthy relationships are fundamental. To foster such relationships, we actively give feedback to the Communities and also demand feedback from them.

We give hope by giving our best in every respect. With a spirit of realistic optimism we call common practices into question while also accepting limits.

Challenges and crises help us in our professional and personal development; overcoming them leads to increased individual as well as organisational resilience.


Change is happening now.


The mobility and automotive sectors are changing at an ever increasing pace. We are shaping this change.

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