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Together with our customers we create functions for automated driving, driver assistance systems and mobility from the first concept to series integration for tomorrow’s mobility solutions.

Targets, Vision, Mission

Our customers are suppliers, manufacturers and traffic infrastructure operators. In joint effort with our customers, we aim to shape the future of mobility pursuing the vision of enabling individual, convenient mobility integrating all groups of people into the mobile society. Autonomous driving accessible to everybody, everywhere, anytime!

It is our mission to enable the transition from driver assistance systems to automated driving towards autonomous driving, and to integrate them into mobility solutions in an effective, efficient and safe way.

We develop special solutions for pre-development and ensure their transfer into series development at OEMs and suppliers in a disruptive market for mobility and autonomous driving with estimated market volume of about 34 billion € in 2020.


The core team is made up of five experienced managers with a strong technical background - all of them experts in the fields of ADAS, active safety and automated driving. Boasting a two-decade track record of development and series introduction projects, every team member can look back on 15 to 20 years of international experience cooperating with OEMs and suppliers.

With their expert knowledge and skills, our employees are the core asset of all our projects. The project team members work creatively and independently within the framework of the individual project. A modern workplace, effective and efficient procedures, and suitable tooling for implementation play a superior role in supporting this work. Modern work practices characterise the spirit of our company.

Transparency and communication is the basis for our success.

Karsten Schulze

Teamwork wins.
Stop talking and start tackling challenges.

Bert Auerbach

Talking always helps.
Information scientist enjoying life even without a computer.

Marcus Wilsdorf

I don’t know problems, only solutions.
Never at a loss for a witty remark.

Silvio Woltmann

I’m driven by finding new ways and realising the impossible.
People first.

René Röllig

Thinking out of the box and enjoying work, I strive to find interdisciplinary solutions bringing together experts from different professional fields.

New colleagues

You enjoy thinking outside of the box? You are looking for challenges und would like to find new ways with us together?
Please contact us.

By now already more than 90 experts are working at FDTech on algorithms and functions for automated driving. Within small agile teams the colleagues in Chemnitz, Munich and Wolfsburg develop systems for mobility solutions of tomorrow.

FDTech USP‘s

Merging monolithic vehicle architectures with flexible IT architectures into dynamic self-learning architecture solutions is our strength.

We use edge computing for efficient data processing, machine learning for permanent adaptation and enhancement of functions.

We gather pace by agile development methods in small cross functional teams.

The transformation of top level ideas into real functions through early concepts with high level functional prototypes is our focus.


Change is happening now.


The mobility and automotive sectors are changing at an ever increasing pace. We are shaping this change.

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