10. Oct 2022

The new easycredit BBL season has started and we are again supporting the Chemnitz Niners.

07. Oct 2022

We have been developing and shaping the mobility issues of the future for 5 years. We are leaving behind eventful years and looking purposefully towards our vision: "Self-determined mobility for everyone at any time and any place". We know that this vision can only be realized with a strong community.

10. Jul 2022

With CADA at the Makers United event week in Chemnitz.

25. Jun 2022

Dirt, crashes and lots of good humor - the report from Heavy24 2022.

04. May 2022

We work hard and we code hard

30. Mar 2022

Take one: FDTech at Prime Time on MDR.

07. Mar 2022

On the current political events in Ukraine.

10. Jan 2022

The Crunchtime Boys aka Niners Chemnitz deliver one exciting game after another.

20. Dec 2021

This year we are once again supporting social projects at our three locations.

02. Nov 2021

Party with FDTech - The Green Team

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