08. Feb 2019

„The future of car is software“

05. Feb 2019

Automated driving is an ongoing trend topic in the media. The FDTech opinion to that is popular as well.

11. Dec 2018

Faraway science fiction or tangible reality?

26. Oct 2018

The annual European event took place in Bremen on 25th and 26th of October this year.

01. Oct 2018

In October 2018 FDTech has accomplished its first successful business year. In the past 12 month a lot of things happened.

18. Sep 2018

In the past years some successful and innovative companies in the field of automated and autonomous driving have been established in our hometown Chemnitz.

29. Aug 2018

The Volkswagen Group has acquired a minority stake in the technology development com-pany FDTech GmbH.

08. May 2018

At this year’s Vector Customer Workshop „ADAS on the way“ our Managing Director Karsten Schulze gave an insight on the activities of FDTech…

01. Oct 2017

On October 1st, 2017 we launched FDTech. We are Marcus Wilsdorf, Bert Auerbach, René Röllig, Silvio Woltmann und Karsten Schulze…

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