FDTech Aid for Ukraine
2022-03-07 12:00

FDTEch Aid for Ukraine.


On the current political events in Ukraine.

We at FDTech are observing the current political events with great sympathy. What is happening in Ukraine these days, we perceive with deep concern.

On the part of FDTech there are both personal and business relations that are directly affected by the war in Ukraine. Therefore, we have been actively looking for ways to support the people and business partners in need.

Together with our energetic employees, we have lent a hand ourselves and have already equipped some apartments in Chemnitz to accommodate Ukrainian refugees.

Furthermore, goods were also collected at our locations. Hygiene articles, toys, dishes and the like are needed in any case. Instead of flowers for each FDTech employee on Women's Day, a donation of 25€ per employee was deposited in a donation account for the refugees from Ukraine. And further actions, like a cake bazaar is in planning.

We thank all of you for your self-evident commitment. We would also like to thank our partners, Tilmann Weigel from A4 Gewerbepark, who took care of the provision of living space, and Alex Kovalenko from staff-eye, who coordinated the arrival of the refugees in Chemnitz.

Furthermore, our thoughts are with the victims and those affected by the war.

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