FDTech celebrates 5 years of innovation and future
2022-10-07 12:00

FDTech celebrates 5 years of innovation and future

We have been developing and shaping the mobility issues of the future for 5 years. We are leaving behind eventful years and looking purposefully towards our vision: "Self-determined mobility for everyone at any time and any place". We know that this vision can only be realized with a strong community.

Founded by five experts in automotive development in October 2017 in Chemnitz, FDTech has now grown to 150 employees. In the past years, we have mastered numerous entrepreneurial challenges, repeatedly had to face special marginal and general conditions, both economically and socially, and have always kept the development of our organization, the well-being of our employees and the expansion of our technological spectrum in mind. We are proud of what we have achieved, especially at the Chemnitz site and for the region. Through cooperation with universities and research institutions, we promote the training of specialists and managers and development in the field of autonomous driving. Other success factors are our branches in Munich and Wolfsburg, which enable direct contact with customers.

On October 6, we celebrated our success to date with around 100 renowned guests from politics and business in Chemnitz. We are glad that Sven Schulze the mayor of Chemnitz as well as Mr. Thomas Sedran, the Chief Financial Officer of CARIAD addressed some congratulations to FDTech. We took the opportunity to give a tour through our company and to present our portfolio. We started the following day, October 7, with the 17th All Hands Meeting at the Chemnitz site. Colleagues from Wolfsburg and Munich also arrived to spend the day on site. After a common lunch we changed the location and went to the "Kraftverkehr" by shuttle or own car. Karsten and Marcus welcomed us with a short recap of the previous evening and interviews with Thomas Sedran and mayor Sven Schulze. Over the afternoon different offers could be used like our house fair as exhibition, a bouncy castle, table tennis, basketball, badminton and much more. The evening buffet was prepared by the Schmiedelandhaus and we could celebrate the crowning conclusion with a FDTech birthday cake.

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