Making a big impact on a small scale.
2021-12-20 12:00

Making a big impact on a small scale.


This year we are once again supporting social projects at our three locations.

In difficult times like these, it's helpful to remember that we all want the same thing: To stay healthy for the people we care about and to protect each other. This common will can encourage each of us during these difficult times and help us overcome the hurdles we face.

By supporting regional and national projects, we want to strengthen our sites themselves as well as contribute to society. Thus, a social project has been selected at each location, which FDTech supports with financial means.

During a serious illness, the little pleasures of life often fall by the wayside. For this reason, the Chemnitz-based association Lukas Stern e.V. has set itself the task of fulfilling a heart's desire for people who are seriously ill. We are convinced of this concept and support the association with a donation of 5000 EUR.

The colleagues at the Munich site decided in favor of the Kältebus München e.V.. The bus provides acute cold aid for the homeless and supplies them with warm food, drinks and sleeping bags, for example. Our employees at the Wolfsburg site selected Lebenshilfe Braunschweig a charity. The aim of Lebenshilfe is to promote and shape the participation of people with impairments in society. The organizations at the two locations each received EUR 3,000.

In addition, we equipped the handball club HC Buteo Chemnitz e.V. with a new set of jerseys. The focus of the club is on the competitive training of children and young people in handball. In addition, the Don Bosco Youth and Family Center will receive 35 Christmas craft kits from us for their Christmas party.

In this way, we hope to be able to make a small contribution to the good of the community and to support the people who work every day for a better world.

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