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FDTech supports parents' association of children with cancer

FDTech supports parents' association of children with cancer

The year 2020 presented us all with new challenges. At FDTech, we know that people around us are concerned about how the current situation could affect their families, jobs, local communities and every aspect of their lives. In difficult times like these, it is helpful to remind yourself that we all want the same thing: for the people who are important to us to stay healthy and protect one another. This common will can encourage each of us in this difficult time and help us overcome the hurdles we face.

As a young company that is active in automotive development, we not only want to give young skilled workers a perspective in the region, but we also want to strengthen our locations in Chemnitz, Wolfsburg and Munich ourselves. To this end, we undertake numerous regional and national activities. In addition, we want to make our contribution to society.

There are groups that are particularly hard hit at these times. There are also people who have to walk a difficult path at all times. Since we at FDTech appreciate the activities of the parents' association of children with cancer in Chemnitz and consider them to be extremely important, we recently supported them with a donation. Furthermore, it is a matter close to our hearts to provide support to various educational institutions. We support a daycare center, a special needs school and a children's sports club in the Chemnitz area with financial means. Furthermore, a children's home in the Ore Mountains receives support in the form of computer technology. In addition, our colleagues at our locations in Wolfsburg and Munich have chosen institutions that we will support from FDTech. On the one hand, BISS, a magazine for citizens in social difficulties, receives a financial contribution from us. On the other hand, the children's hospice in Braunschweig receives a donation.

We hope that we can make a small contribution to the well-being of the population and those affected with our various campaigns in the currently particularly challenging times. Together we want to send a positive signal for the start of the new year 2021.

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