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FDTech at Heavy24

FDTech at Heavy24 - Next Round 2022

Dirt, crashes and lots of good humor - the report from Heavy24 2022. Punctually at 12:00 o'clock it was, as in previous years, "Heavy Go" for the start of the 8-man teams. Our start driver completed the first lap without incident and positioned the FutureDrivingTeam in 18th place after his first lap.

Six minutes later, the start driver of the 4-person team set off on the first shortened lap in the Rabenstein forest together with 60 competitors. In order to avoid the chaos in the transition area after lap 1, a second lap was added. For him this second lap was with 23:01 the fastest lap of the whole weekend and means for the team at this time place 22 in the overall standings.

There were outstanding lap times, crashes, injuries and some funny moments in the camp. Round after round was reeled off concentrated and everyone tried to adjust his lap times somewhere between "full throttle" and "so I survive until tomorrow". During the night we switched to a 2x5 lap system. This means two riders take turns doing 5 laps each to give the other two riders a chance to get a little sleep.

Team 8 rode a similar strategy and switched to a 2x2 system during the night. Team after team fought their way through the treacherous, very dusty and at times poorly visible nighttime trail maze. The morning and the last laps until the "final whistle" were pleasantly unspectacular.

At 11:33, the starting rider of the 4-person team rolled over the finish line for the penultimate time, completing his last fast lap, before the 4-person team committed the final lap together and sealed this year's Heavy24 with a joint crossing of the finish line at 12:06.

After the driver of the 8-team started the last lap of the 16th Heavy24 and crossed the finish line after 24h and 17min under applause of the whole FutureDrivingTeam.

A big thank you goes to our supervisors and all colleagues who helped to prepare and execute this mega event for two FutureDrivingTeams and made it an unforgettable experience for all of us. Thank you for your efforts, we look forward to Chapter 3 next year.

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