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Reflecting on Eventful Days at Tech.AD in Berlin

 Reflecting on Eventful Days at Tech.AD in Berlin

From March 10th to March 12th, we were thrilled to participate in Tech.AD at the Titanic Hotel in Berlin.

The focal point of the event revolved around autonomous driving, delving deep into themes such as Perception, Security, and setting our own standards in this dynamic field. Notably, the event showcased best practices for securing automated driving functions, sparking insightful discussions among industry leaders and experts.

We engaged in numerous enriching conversations with both our valued clients and potential partners, exploring the latest trends and innovations in autonomous driving technology. Our colleagues Klaus Krumbiegel, Sarah Schubert, and Dirk Martin represented us at Tech.AD, leading a workshop and sharing insights into our expertise. Their discussions on the latest advancements in Test and Systems Engineering reaffirmed our commitment to driving technological progress forward.

It was gratifying to see that our discussions resonated with the industry, validating our approach to furthering technology development. Additionally, our unique solutions showcased in our portfolio were recognized as unparalleled, reinforcing our competitive edge in the market.
The exhibition at Tech.AD also provided us with valuable insights, as we interacted with companies specializing in sensor technology, AI-based data analysis, and simulation. These interactions inspired us and offered new perspectives for our ongoing projects.

We're immensely grateful for the enriching conversations and invaluable insights gained at Tech.AD. As we continue to pioneer advancements in autonomous driving technology, we look forward to future collaborations and innovations that will shape the future of mobility.

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