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Welcoming ASG School Guests at FDTech

It was good that we were able to welcome our guests from the ASG schools in Annaberg on a Saturday at the end of April.

The first students arrived at 9 a.m., almost an hour earlier than planned, as the bus strike was in full swing at the same time. However, this did not stop our guests from making their way from Annaberg to Chemnitz to attend our long-planned event. In the end, all the students made it to us on time for the start of the event. Marcus and Julia greeted the participants in Chinese, which was met with great enthusiasm. The participants then told us in almost perfect German where they were from in China and what their favorite food was - that was enough to break the ice. After a short company presentation in a large group, we divided the students into 3 groups. They then took it in turns to visit three different themed rooms with their supervisors. Marcus spoke about modern development methods using CiL Concept-in-the-Loop and then gave a short tour of the company to present our motivating working environment with its many benefits. Julia demonstrated in theory and practice how sensor data processing and AI work. In order for the students to be able to test this themselves, however, they first had to get their “cell phone backpacks”, as the students do not carry their cell phones with them during the day. Silvio, Oliver and Noel then delighted the participants in the practical part with programming tasks, which caused a lot of amusement, as a barking noise could also be initiated in the self-programmed car. There was also additional information about a possible entry into our company. At lunch, our kitchen was almost bursting at the seams. But the atmosphere among the students was excellent. We learned a lot of new things about each other and we are sure that we will certainly see one or two of them again for training or studies. Daily and Felicia managed the event and made sure that everything and everyone found their place on the 3rd floor at FDTech GmbH.

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